This is the Way you can Improve the Audio of your Car

How to make your car sound as you want? That is the question that has all hovered around us at some point. It is likely that there is no motorist in the world for whom music is not an indispensable ingredient when driving.

With the arrival of new cars that bring much more complete head units and best car speakers, there are drivers who are satisfied with the sound that their car offers , however, there are many others who want something better and for them this article is aimed .

However, there are some points that we must highlight before you start the adventure of removing, buying and installing.

This is, perhaps, the most important point of all, since in many cases the fact of changing any original vehicle element may invalidate the warranty . This is something you should evaluate before making any decision.

Do I need to replace the main unit?
As mentioned above, cars of recent models, mainly those of medium and high ranges, incorporate more complete main units, with many advantages, such as Apple CarPlay and Android Auto , for example.

However, among the large number of main units that are offered today in certain new cars, there are some that do not offer optimum sound quality or the functions you are looking for. If this is your case, you should definitely replace it with a new one of better quality.

There are many options in the market: Kenwood , Sony , Clarion , Pioneer. What you want to spend depends on the quality you want.

Should I also change the original speakers of my car?
If you are looking for the highest possible quality and you like to listen to the music without distortion, then the answer is yes, you should change the original speakers for better quality ones, mainly for the front, as well as for the back section, for the filling speakers .

Should I install a subwoofer in my new car?

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Only high-end cars incorporate standard subwoofers . Most vehicles in the medium and high ranges do not. However, the subwoofer is an important option if you like to enjoy pop, rock and electronic music melodies .

In case you want to install a subwoofer in your car, you should consider placing soundproofing material , mainly in the doors and in the trunk lid, to avoid the annoying vibration of the metal and make the most of the benefit of the bass sounds.

How many subwoofers should I install?
Unless you want to announce your arrival from three streets before, a 10-inch subwoofer or maybe one of twelve will be more than enough.

What car audio components should I choose for my car?
This decision will definitely depend on your pocket and budget . In the market there are countless brands of all costs and qualities. Of course, at this point it is also important to remember that quality is intrinsically linked to cost . If you buy something very cheap you will get a not so good quality.