Python Exercise9

Write a program to stop the search as soon as we find 50 in the list numbers = [100, 25, … More

Python Exercise8

1. Write a program to write all multiple of 7 from 10 to 100 in to a file f=open(‘file1.txt’,’w’) for … More

Python Exercise7

Write a program to read file contents at a time f = open(‘input.txt’,’r’) print( f.close()   Write a program to … More

Python Exercise6

Write a function to read each char from the word if the char matches with the word find the index of … More

Python Exercise5

Print values from 0 to 10. for i in range(11):     print(i) Print values from 10 to 0  for x … More

Python Exercise4

1. Write a program to create list of squares of all odd numbers below 50 and print the list. a=[] … More