Sri Alaghu Mallari Krishna Swamy Temple, Mannar Poluru

Alaghu Mallari Krishna Swamy temple is located in Mannar Poluru Village near Sulluru Peta in SPSR Nellore district. This place is believed to be the land of malla yodhas (wrestlers). The temple was built in the 17th century.

According to a legend, it was here that Lord Sri Krishna defeated Jambavantha in a duel and married his daughter Jambavati. Lord MahaVishnu is said to have deflated the ego of Garutmata here itself. Apart from the idols of Satyabhama and Jambavati, the two consorts of Lord Krishna, the idol of Jambavantha creating the illusion of shedding tears are bound to amaze the viewers. Sculptural splendour exuded by these beautiful idols is quite awesome.

You can read more about this place from here.



  1. i want to visit the alaghu mallari sri krishnaswamy perumal temple. Kindly send contact phone number of the temple to me for further movements


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